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 I Love My Wife!! 
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Post I Love My Wife!!
My wife had a stressful week at work, especially Monday and Tuesday. She calls me Tuesday around 11:30am and asks about times at the local indoor range. She needed to release some tension. :lol: They're open til 8pm on Tuesdays and Thursdays, so we decided to go on Thursday evening after work. She went through just over 100 rounds of 9mm, and I blew through 150 rounds of .40cal. We haven't been shooting in well over a year or so(I know, shame on us), so it felt really good to squeeze off some rounds.

Right about the time we were done, a good friend of mine and his wife came in to pick up a 9mm pistol the range had ordered and held for them. He was getting it for his wife. We were talking about guns and such, and I started mention that I've always wanted an AR15, but I had given up on it, since current events have made getting them difficult. I was going to mention to him that I was just going to look into getting a good .22 rifle, and a tactical shotgun and roll with it. But, as soon as I got "wanting and AR" out of my mouth, the range owner said he had got one in that day and hadn't put it on the shelf yet. I asked what it was and he wouldn't answer me. He would only say that he would get it when he was done with what he was currently working on. So, I patiently waited as my friend and I conversed. Finally he comes out with a large box. I saw the logo on the box and knew it was a Stag brand, which was exciting that it was a known good brand. Well, I was really in no position to buy it, so I could only hope and dream as always, but I did give the old nudge-nudge, hint-hint look to my wife, even though she kept saying she wasn't getting it.

That evening she asked a few questions about it, so I couldn't help but think about it all day Friday. Well, she got off work kinda early, and came by the shop to see me. She walked in and handed me a small box and asked if I knew what it was for. I looked at the box, which was a 20rnd box of 5.56 ammo, so I got all giddy like a school boy and took off for her car. It was in the back seat so I had to open it up and check it out and take a pic with my cell phone and send it to all my friends. :lol: She had called them when they opened and told them to hold it for her to come by and pick up that evening. She also got me 120 rounds of ammo to go with it.

Enough with my rambling, here is the pic. It's just the cell phone pic I took, so I'll take some better pics later.


I have the best wife....ever!!!!! :punk:

:flag: Thanks to our soldiers and their services. :flag:

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